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What are Intramural Sports?

  • Intramural Sports is a program designed to offer opportunities for participation in a wide variety of activities at the collegiate level.  Many students have played sports at the high school or recreational level, and IM Sports affords the opportunity to stay active in sports without the time commitments or skill level of the varsity player.  We offer various different leagues and tournament throughout the academic year.  The sports offered are listed on the IM Sports Web site.

Who can play intramural sports?

  • Any BU student (undergrad, graduate), faculty, and staff.

When are intramural games?

  • Games are played Monday -Thursday between 5:00pm and 10:00pm.
  • Teams will choose which league they want to participate in Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday, based off their availability during registration.

Can I play intramural's if I won a varsity letter in college or a member of a club team?

  • Varsity letter winners are not eligible for the sport in which he or she lettered.
  • .Limits are placed on Sports Club participants to preserve the integrity of our Intramural tournaments. Check individual sport rules for limitations.

How much does it cost to play?

  • The Intramural Program is FREE to all students, faculty and staff.
  • Any faculty or staff member participating in an indoor activity will need to be a member of the Student Recreation Center.
  • FORFEITS: A deposit of up to $20.00 will be assessed to the team captain prior to participation and a deposit of $5 will be assessed to the individual/team captain prior to individual/dual sports participation. Additional fees may be assessed. All deposits will be returned if team or individual do not forfeit during league play.

How do I get involved with intramural's?

  • Notify the Intramural Office of your interest by completion of a Team Registration Form or an Individual Registration Form. Assumption-of-risk form must be signed by all participants.
  • All Registration is done online with the links above.
  • Turn in entry form by deadline listed for each sport.
  • There are singles and team competitions.
  • Encourage other students to participant so that there is sufficient competition in each sport.

Can I register register as an Individual or do I have to have a Team?

  • Participants can register as individuals or with a team. The Intramural Department will do their best to try and place every individual onto a team.
  • If there are enough individuals registered, a team will be comprised of all the individual registrants.
  • If there are not enough individual registrants to make a team, the Intramural Department will place individuals onto teams, after receiving permission from the team captain.

What do you win?

  • Championship t-shirts are awarded to all Intramural Champions. Captains will receive t-shirts for the amount of players on the field/court, plus half.

What are the Team Captains Responsibilities?

  • Each captain for an Intramural Sports team is responsible for registering his/her team during the registration period. Each team’s captain MUST be present for the captain’s meeting to verify his/her team’s participation. Failure to attend will result in his/her team’s elimination. In addition, captains are responsible for communicating with all of his/her team members so that each player knows when and where the team is scheduled to play. Failure to communicate this information may result in a team forfeiting. All schedules are posted on the Intramural Sports website and the bulletin board located in the hallway across from the Intramural Office in the Student Recreation Center. Captains are also responsible for knowing and informing their team members of the intramural sports rules, policies, and procedures. Anytime Campus Rec or an IM Staff member emails a captain, it is his/her responsibility to communicate this information to the teams as well as reply to emails when indicated.
  • Team Captains must fill out and have a Captain's Agreement on file for their team to be eligible to participate.

How do I find out when my team is playing?

  • Participants and team captains are responsible for obtaining schedules and all information contained therein. Intramural staff will not supply information regarding intramural game times over the phone. Schedules will be posted on the Intramural website and in the bulletin board located in the hallway across from the Intramural Office the Friday after the scheduled captains meeting.
What if I know my team can't show up for a game?
  • If you know that your team will not be able to make the game, the Captain must call 507-389-4885 by 3pm the day of the game. We will charge you a loss but not a forfeit fee. Only the team captain may utilize this option.
Where do we play?
  • The location of games should be noted on your schedule.  Most indoor sports are held in the student Recreation Center.  Outdoor sports will be held on Upper Campus on the Recreation Fields along with the possibilities of Redman Stadium and the Sports Stadium.
How can I find out about game cancellations and rescheduling?
  • Game cancellations and postponements will be posted on the website along with emailed to the Captains directly.
Where can I find the rules for my sport?
  • Rules for all sports are posted online, and there are rules and captains’ meeting before each season starts to familiarize you with the rules.

Who do I contact with other questions?

  • Contact the Intramural Office at 570-389-4885. You can also contact the Intramural Director by phone 570-389-5289 or by email.

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